Instruments built by master Alfred Arnold Bandonion


The broad range of our instruments is suited to different kind of music and different purposes. From the beginner to the professional musician - we give instruments with hiqh quality at hand. A long tradition and a permanent process of development are the reasons for the high quality and innovation of our instruments.

Each instrument is unique

Though each Bandonion is individual and build at customers request, they all have the following common characteristics:

Constructionmanufactured using materials as Alfred Arnold (AA) would have done
Housingpear tree and beech with veneer, varnish in various finishes
Bellowhand made, pressboard with goat's leather corners pasted with coloured paper in various finishes, 2 sizes possible
  • 2 central frames
  • 3x5 bellow folds
  • extremely airtight
  • easy to play
decorative elementsnickel silver
inlay worksmother-of-pearl ornaments rhombus or roses
Reedszinc with special tuning reeds, 442 Hz - other types of tuning available
Tone Arrangementsee Fingering
Keyswhite, black, ivory-imitation, with mother-of-pearl insert, various shapes
  • Bandonionfabrik Instruments
  • Bandonionfabrik Instruments
  • Bandonionfabrik Instruments

Material and colors

The housing can be varnished semi-gloss or glossy with following colors:

  • light

  • walnut tree

  • black

Our bellow paper gives an extra optical highlight to your instrument:

  • red, nostalgic print

  • green, nostalgic print

  • red marble

  • red flame

  • black flame

  • red tango

Your emotions will pass down to the keys of your instrument by your fingers. To optimize this you can choose the surface of the keys: flat, convex (vaulted) or concave

  • black

  • white

  • ivory imitation