Alfred Arnold once became world famous with his Bandonion 142, because it was the instrument, inextricably linked with the Tango. We continue this tradition with our Bandonion AA 142. In addition we work on permanently fulfilling the different wishes and demands of our international customers.

Among other instruments, our Bandonion AA 154 „Fabio Furia” and Bandonion AA 146 „Peguri” are anew developed. The complete range of our instruments you can see at Great variety. In addition we offer you the following services:

  • home-made reeds
  • home-made bellows in various sizes and dimensions
  • restoration und repair of Bandonions und Concertinas
  • restoration und repair of Accordeons
  • a complete assortment of spare parts for Bandonions and Concertinas
  • tuning for Bandonions, Concertinas and Accordeons


The bandonion, which was invented by Heinrich Band in 1847, was being made by Carl Friedrich Zimmermann in Carlsfeld/Saxony as early as 1854. He sold his business to Ernst Louis Arnold ten years later. His son, Alfred Arnold, took over part of the company in 1911. His bandonions were exported all over the world until the World War II.

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